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Visual Intent Categories

Category Examples
Animals This includes all types of animals like dogs, cats, and birds.
Art This includes paintings, watercolors, line drawings, cartoons, computer graphics, posters, album covers, video games, and flyers.
Buildings & roads This includes structures such as buildings, bridges, roads, tunnels, towers, halls, houses, hospitals, and schools.
Faces This includes human faces.
Fashion This includes clothing, accessories, lifestyle products, hairstyle, etc.
Food & drink This includes fruits, vegetables, dishes of food, as well as drinks in cups, glasses, or bottles.
Furnishing & decor This includes all objects related to home and office furnishings and décor like appliances, tools, TVs, clocks, plants or potted plants, and refrigerators.
Maps This includes all types of maps for cities, states, and countries.
Nature & geography This includes the sun, moon, nature landmarks, mountains, and bodies of water like seas, oceans, lakes, and rivers.
People This includes human bodies and any clothes people are wearing, but not other fashion objects.
Transportation This includes bicycles, motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks, airplanes, ships, yachts, boats, as well as baby strollers, carriers, and car seats.